Friday, February 22, 2008

Dead Heat by Joel C. Rosenberg


I realize this is only February, and we still have ten more months to go, but I'm telling you the honest truth...this is the most important piece of fiction you will EVER simply must not miss this!

"Dead Heat" is the fifth novel by Joel C. Rosenberg. He has been called by main stream media "the Christian Nostradamus"--and he hates that. He's not a prophet or a psychic...Joel C. Rosenberg is merely a man who knows his Bible and who knows how to interpret world events in light of Scripture.

It's the ability that he himself calls The Third Lens. And the vast majority of the time, he is dead on in his writings.

I'm praying he's missed the mark with "Dead Heat".

I've read this entire series, and I can tell you that with uncanny certainty, Joel Rosenberg has written fiction that within months, sometimes weeks, comes to pass in real life.

In fact, he recently wrote an article stating that President Putin of Russia would work to change the Russian constitution in order to be allowed another term as President of Russia... to remain in power.

Now, that didn't happen. BUT...Putin has decided to run for the office of Prime Minister--an office that holds even MORE power than the office of President. And Putin was recently quoted as saying, "My power will never end."

Hmmmmm.....raises my eyebrows. How about yours?

Now, onto the book...LOL! In "Dead Heat" (this is hard review to write, as I don't want to give away too much), the predicted battles have already taken place, and we now see the extreme fallout.

Joel has taken today's political, economic, spiritual and military climate, and played "what if?"

What if Iraq rebuilds herself into a nation that is bigger and better...the New Babylon?

What if Iran DOES develop nuclear capabilities?

What if Israel begins construction of the third Jewish temple?
What if evidence mounts against China and a planned attack of the US?

Of Taiwan?

What if hostilities break out between North and South Korea?

Each of these scenarios are examined in this masterpiece of fiction, and the possibilties are chilling, to say the least. Many times I had to put the book down and pray "Dear Lord, let it not be so!", the events were SO realistically written. In fact, my son begged me to put the book down and leave it alone...he didn't want to see me so disturbed by the possibilities!

From "The Last Jihad" to "Dead Heat"...these are works of pure fiction. In the last four books, events in real life have played out very similar to what Joel Rosenberg speculated. Will this one do the same?

**climbing up on soap box** Please, do NOT get so consumed by this Presidential race that you take your eyes off Israel, the Middle East, and the world at large! Events are unfolding and we are going to be caught unaware if we do not WAKE UP and see what COULD happen. Let's not wait until it does and then mourn for our losses.**climbs down off of soap box**

This amazing series by Joel C. Rosenberg is NOT to be missed! Read it simply for it's heart-pounding action...marvel at his wisdom and insight...pray for our world leaders, both at home and in other nations...and keep your eyes on the epicenter of the world...the Middle East.

Better yet, keep one eye there, and the other on the Eastern Sky:-) I'm giving "Dead Heat" seven out of five bookmarks, with a world map as a charm. And I'm voting it "Best Political Thriller of 2008"!!

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"Dead Heat" releases March 2008, and is published by Tyndale **wild, mad applause for them**. Don't miss it!

Happy Reading!



Kim said...

Seven out of five?? I'm impressed! This one is on hold for me at the library! I can't wait to read it!!


Queen B said...

Do they need to be read in order or can they be read independently?

Deena said...

Yup, these most definitely need to be read in order. But, if you can't handle the thought of a five book series, pick it up with book three, "The Ezekiel Option"...