Monday, May 21, 2007

The Last Days by Joel C. Rosenberg

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"The Last Jihad" gave us a glimpse into the Middle East Conflict. It was a fascinating look at how that part of the world operates and how they think, and it was an education I'm glad I took part in.

But if "The Last Jihad" was high school honors, then "The Last Days" is a graduate level education on the Middle East Peace Process and why the stakes are so incredibly high.

Packed with explosive action from the opening pages, again Mr. Rosenberg's writings have an eerie prophetic tone. Events he wrote about took place in real life weeks and months after "The Last Days" hit the shelves.

Caught in the middle of a Palenstinian civil war, Bennett and McCoy again find themselves in a struggle to survive and to bring the president's peace plan to fruition.

Don't get too attached to anyone in these novels...but truthfully, the characters are so well written you can't help but mourn the loss of such fine individuals. And the events described in this novel will keep you watching the headlines and wondering what's next for our nation.

"The Last Days" was more in depth than Mr. Rosenberg's previous work. He takes great pains to go behind the scenes and to give the reader a different world view...and I'm learning that we are far too Westernized in our thinking.

Getting inside the mind of a terrorist is frightening, but I believe necessary for us to truly understand what we are up against. There's more to this war than terrorizing us...more like destroying us. And Mr. Rosenberg crafts a vivid backdrop of hate and greed and destruction that lurks on the horizon.

You'll be tempted to skip over some passages of "education" in order to get to the action...DON'T DO IT!! We need to know what Mr. Rosenberg knows, and we need to understand the Middle East more than ever before.

I would encourage every church to invest in this series for her pastor, and to include Mr. Rosenberg's non-fiction title, "Epicenter" in the purchase.

"The Last Days" gets the full five plus an extra bookmark from me, for a total of six...and I'm taking a breather before diving into "The Ezekiel Option"...maybe I'll go watch the news!!

Happy Reading!


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