Sunday, May 20, 2007

Key Lime Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke

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Well, I did it. I've read every fiction title on my Spring Reading Thing lists. I saved the best for last.

I really didn't want to read "Key Lime Pie Murder". It is at least a year between releases from Joanne Fluke, and every novel is so much fun to read. But ya gotta break down and do the hard stuff sometimes:-)

I love Joanne because she totally eliminates the "ick" factor from her fiction. I've read every Hannah Swenson novel, and found nothing offensive in any story. Hannah sleeps alone--well, except for Moishe, her cat--drinks an occasional glass of white wine, and runs her own bakery called the Cookie Jar.

The town has that Mayberry feel...except for all of the murders. But one per year isn't bad, is it?? I mean, Hannah only discovers a body per book, so I suppose that is a low crime rate. And her brother in law heads the law enforcement, so she would know all that stuff, right?

Each story is packed with lovable characters, but be warned: if they only appear once or twice, don't get too attached! And your favorite person might be accused of murder. But don't worry; Hannah's always on the case.

Between inventing delicious cookie recipes and other desserts for the reader to try, she accidentally sleuths and uncovers clues that the professionals miss. Her oldest sister Andrea usually bumbles along with her, as well as Lisa, co-owner of The Cookie Jar. And mom Delores usually has to put her opinions in as well.

Each book is full of recipes as well, written as if Hannah herself is guiding you through the cookie/dessert process. Every novel has been a fun read, with maybe the exception of Sugar Cookie Murder, but that was only because it was too short!!

If you love cozy mysteries, but hate what I call the "ick" factor, no worries with Hannah Swenson and Joanne Fluke. These ladies run a clean operation that always promises some good reading hours. I'm emailing her to put together a recipe book...don't want to get flour on my story, but I've gotta try some of these recipes~!!

"Key Lime Pie Murder" gets four bookmarks from me, with a chocolate chip cookie charm. I look forward to the anthology from Joanne and friends due out September 2007!

Happy Reading!



Vader's Mom said...

That book sounds wonderful. I'm off to research that author and series a little more. Thanks!

Amanda said...

I need to pick up a good cozy mystery. I think I'll try this one. Not to mention the title just makes me hungry!