Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Copper Scroll by Joel C. Rosenberg

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I just finished the fourth title by Joel C. Rosenberg in my library, "The Copper Scroll". Based in fact, this one has a lot of supposition in it--enough to make a girl like me dizzy with the possibilities!

Jon and Erin are back for yet another political adventure. Seems that way back in 1956 another Dead Sea Scroll was discovered, but this was unlike the others. Called the Copper Scroll, it hinted at treasures from the days of the first Jewish temple. It has puzzled scholars and archeologists for decades.

But now, in this latest political thriller, evidence has come to light about yet another scroll...one that could very well hold the key to unlocking this decades old mystery. But it also leads to numerous questions...

Could the temple treasures really be buried somewhere in Israel?

Could finding those treasures lead to the construction of the prophesied third Jewish temple?

Who knows about this mysterious scroll, and what lengths will they go to find it--or do they want it found at all?

Why do all these people keep dying?

Once again, Joel Rosenberg has based his suppositions in fact, and if this tale becomes headline news...Whoa, baby!! I'm giving this novel...actually, the entire series...six out of five bookmarks, but this one has a tiny shovel as a charm. So dig into "The Copper Scroll"...and keep your Bible handy!!

Happy Reading!


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