Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The House That Cleans Itself by Mindy Starnes Clark


I knew I loved Mindy's fiction, so I had to check out her non-fiction title, even though it has to do with housework:-) Turns out, I'm VERY glad I did!

"The House That Cleans Itself" not only discusses house cleaning, but the reasons behind why so many of us struggle with keeping our homes, work areas, and vehicles clean, neat and tidy.

Based on surveys and interviews, Mindy has a goldmine of information. And this is the main reason I truly love this book:

Mindy herself is housework challenged:-)

I'm tired of reading books about weight loss written by people who are only a few pounds overweight...books about raising kids by people who don't have any, or who discuss teenagers when their own children are toddlers.

So can you imagine how refreshing it is to read a book about cleaning written by someone who has struggled with it herself? Trust me, she knows that of which she speaks!

Her ideas are a bit time consuming at first, but she makes so much sense. And she isn't pushing an 'eating off of the floor' type of cleanliness. Just a sense of order and tidiness that is not only doable, but liveable.

I think my favorite part of reading the book, however, were the "Most Embarassing Messy House Story" sections at the end of each chapter. I felt in SUCH good company! Nothing about this book shamed me, made me feel guilty, or inferior.

Now, will I implement Mindy's ideas?

You bet your broom I will:-) I'm going to tackle my "Home Base Zone" this weekend. I just may skip the camera portion of her plan...not quite sure at this point if I really want to document the evidence!!

I'm giving "The House That Cleans Itself" five out of five bookmarks, with a tiny whisk broom and dust pan as charms...not too much clutter, but just the right touch!

Happy Reading!



Anonymous said...

I just added this to my Amazon wishlist!! Thank you for the review!

Dawn said...

I've been looking at this book. I'll buy it now that you've given it a good review.
I'm also thinking of purchasing "Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Big?" by that less-is-more guy that's on Oprah sometimes.

Gavin said...

I've read one of Mindy's Million Dollar Mysteries and really enjoyed it. This looks like an interesting read.