Thursday, January 24, 2008

Since I Have It, I'm Sharing It!

Nothing thrills me more, and frustrates me more, than a sneak peek at a book coming soon. One of my favorite sites for preview information is (where you'll find my review of "My Beautiful Disaster" by the way:-).

But I found this one all on my own, and just had to share:


"Coming Unglued", book two in the Sisters, Ink series, releases this July from Broadman and Holman Publishers...ack! I can't wait that long!!!!!

For my review of "Sisters, Ink", click here.

For my interview with the wonderful and sweet author, click here.

Cool! Now you're drooling in anticipation like I am!!

Happy Reading!



Kim said...

NO FAIR!!! I loved Sisters Inc! And now here you are in January tempting me with a Summer release of a sequel?!!!

There ought to be some kind of law against that!!

I'm jealous!


Unknown said...

I haven't read Sister's Ink yet so won't read your review until I write mine but I have it sitting here next in line to read and only 90 pages of the book before it left and a review to write so by Mon I will probably be nearly done with it if not on to another book.

But now you've got me wanting to get in line for ARC's of the sequel already (as if I have anymore reading time LOL) but you know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited about this series!!! Anything scrapbooking is right up my alley!