Monday, October 5, 2009

Piece De Resistance by Sandra Byrd

Sandra Byrd is back with another mouth-watering installment of her Lexi Stuart series! I fell in love with Lexi and her aspirations to become a chef and expert baker way back in "Let Them Eat Cake", followed her to Paris to study at one of the best patisseries in "Bon Appetit"...

...and have followed her back to American soil in "Piece de Resistance". This time, Lexi is fresh from Paris and ready to take her place as a chef at Bijoux, the newest bakery and pastry shop in Seattle.

Little does Lexi know, her dream job just may become her worst nightmare! Surprises are in store for her both at work and in her personal life. Can Lexi handle her dream, or will it handle her?

The baking alone made me hungry, but the story was so good, it left me hoping for more of Lexi and her charming appeal. Sandra has crafted another delightful story, lavished with fun and chaos, sprinkled with just enough faith to see Lexi through, and I get such a kick out of Nonna!

I love the quotes Sandra opens each chapter with...I love (but will probably never try) the recipes she includes in the book. And the special touches with the graphics are fun, not detracting from the story, but adding another feature that makes Sandra's novels stand out.

We're renewing our wedding vows next Summer...I only wish Lexi was real. She'd be baking my wedding cake! Of course, I'd have to work a deal with her...oh, the prices for an expert bakery chef!

I think you'll love this new (and maybe final) installment in the Lexi Stuart novels. I'm giving "Piece de Resistance" a brioche as a charm...and now I'm off to find some cake! Thank goodness I'm going to a wedding this Saturday....(my niece is getting married).

Bon appetit!

Happy Reading!



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Unknown said...

I loved this whole series, and cannot wait for her next adult book!