Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On Tour with "Bon Appetit" by Sandra Byrd


With authentic voice and delectable treats, Sandra Byrd's follow up novel to her debut, "Let Them Eat Cake" is deliciously fun reading. Sandra's writing is so lively and filled with enthusiasm, even the most finicky eater--I mean, reader--can find a treat within the pages of this novel!

"Bon Appetit" follows the life of pastry chef hopeful Lexi Stuart as she embarks on a new adventure--life in France. When Luc, her former employer, offers her the chance to attend one of the most prestigious culinary schools in his native country, Lexi packs her American life up as neatly as possible and wings her way to success.

Kind of.

First, culture shock hits hard. Can Lexi overcome the prejudice that seems to nip at her heels--a double dose, considering she's both female AND American--to achieve her life's dream? Will she learn the difference between faux amies and tres amies in time to graduate with the coveted certificate of success?

She's living every woman's dream, it would seem, with two men finding her more appealing than an apple galette! But which man holds her heart--American lawyer Dan or French bakery entrepreneur, Phillipe? When the time comes to decide her future, will wisdom be her guide?

Sandra sprinkles her novels with French phrasing like an expert pastry chef sprinkles confectioner's sugar over a tasty beignet! The delectable desserts, the character development, and the love for Lexi overflow in this delicious story. I'm excited to read "French Twist" when it releases next year!

Coupled with the angst and romance is a valuable spiritual lesson learned as Lexi is without friend or family in France. God meets her in her deepest and loneliest moment, just as He will do for all of us if we're willing to draw near to Him. Watching Lexi get better acquainted with her Savior increased my own faith in Christ.

I'm giving "Bon Appetit" five out of five bookmarks, with a napkin to wipe your salivations and a Weight Watchers scale to track the pounds--I'm sure I've gained five since cracking the cover! Be watching for a chance to win a copy for yourself coming soon!

Happy Reading!


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