Friday, September 11, 2009

Christianish by Mark Steele

I've just added another author to my 'favorites' list! Mark Steele's writing is witty, humorous, and convicting...and that's a good thing!

"Christianish" examines how many believers aren't really Christians in their walk...merely Christianish. Just enough Jesus to help them get by, or to get them to Heaven...

...but not enough to get in the way of what they want out of life.

A very dangerous thing to be.

The Apostle John, in Revelation, called it lukewarm.


With candor, humor, and a lot of very pointed questions, Mark Steele enables the reader to examine his or her own life to see areas of 'Christianish' behavior and to then allow the power of God to transform those areas.

The nice thing about Mark's book is he doesn't beat you over the head with the need to be perfect. He's told enough stories on himself (the Christmas story is priceless...and the school van/pencil one...and his wife and the dog...) to prove he knows he's not perfect.

But he knows the One who is perfect, and we need to pattern our lives after Christ and not after ourselves, the world we live in, or what we want to get out of this Christian life.

Mark also throws in some great discussion concerning how we treat those who don't agree with us, who are different from us, or who we deem as lower than us. Those chapters alone are worth reading...but the whole book is a wonderfully convicting read.

It takes a good author to make a point that is understandable. It takes a great author to make that point, have it be uncomfortable enough to make you want to change, and you still like what he has to say.

Mark Steele is a great author. I'm so glad I read this book! (and I'm glad my husband finally gave it back!)

I'm giving "Christianish" five out of five bookmarks with a fish symbol bumper decal as a charm. Like Mark points out in the book...if it's advertised on the outside, make sure the behavior on the inside matches up!

Now I've got to go and see what books my hubby has swiped from me and stashed on his shelves.......

Happy Reading!



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Amydeanne said...

now this looks like an interesting book! something i might have to add to my reading list!

btw, tried to click on your blogging for books button, but it didn't work!