Thursday, September 10, 2009

Christianish by Mark Steele: An Interview

1) Why did you steal my book?

The title just looked interesting.

2) So, what did you think overall?

It was a good book; it made me think, Mark writes very well and he's very funny. Some of what he wrote wasn't new to me, but the last few chapters were very convicting.

3) Care to elaborate on the convicting?

Let me think..........

4) Hurry up.

Sometimes it seems we like to say we're Christians than that we are actually being Christian. In Mark's chapter titled "Grace Discount", he makes the point that our lives are ministry. Ministry is surgery, and sometimes surgery sometimes hurts.

5) But aren't you a pastor?


6) So then, isn't your whole life about ministry?

It made me realize that your life is supposed to be ministry, and even though I'm a pastor, sometimes I forget that. People might see me and not see much ministry there at times.

7) Anything more?

In another chapter he talked about how we like to hog the spotlight, that if we put on a "Jesus show" no one will notice the garbage in our lives. Sometimes I think we do what we do so people will look at us and think "what a great Christian". But if we're really taking up our cross like we're supposed to, we'll get more scorn than applause.

8) Ooh, that's deep. So, would you recommend this book to anyone who is a believer? Even other pastors?

I'd recommend it to other pastors and mature believers, but not baby Christians, because they don't have all the baggage we have. One of the things Mark says is that we don't relate truth, instead we react to untruth.

It's too easy to be "Christianish" and then we pick sides, devalue opposition, and draw lines. Jesus said, instead of devaluing what they believe and devaluing them, we'll work harder to get through all of that and make disciples of all men and not just the ones who think like us.

9) Anything else you'd like to share?

Not a quick read, but a steady read. You want to get the book read and I read it slowly, a bit each day.

10) How about 'sorry I stole your book'?

I didn't steal it. We're married. What's yours is mine and so on. Besides, if anybody's a thief it's you. 'Cause you stole my heart 25 years ago.

11) Okay, can the cheese. We're done here!

(Hmmm...well, I guess that works for me--but be watching for MY review of MY book that I now have back in MY hands LOL!!)

Happy Reading!



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Kim said...

Deena - this was precious!!! You and hubby need to do this more often! Share books that is...then share the discussion with your readers! :)

Carolynn said... this. Also look forward to reading this book...sounds intense.