Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life On Planet Mom by Lisa T. Bergren

Filled with humor, transparency, and helpful ideas, Lisa Bergren's newest non-fiction book is a MUST for any mom!

"Life On Planet Mom" tackles topics from friendships after children, your world view and how it changes, how we view God once we become a mom...and much, much more.

I loved this because of the variety. Lisa includes quotes from mom's, sidebar questions, and tips for how to tackle many of the life issues that come with becoming a mom.

Plus, she doesn't hide her flaws. I love an honest author, and Lisa is transparent and humble, using her struggles and flawed behavior to point the way to grace and to God.

She is a woman I could TOTALLY feel comfortable with talking over coffee! Lisa also captures the joy of being a mother...of feeling like you've allowed your heart to walk outside of your body in this little person you've given birth to.

And, being the creative soul that she is, Lisa opens each chapter with a snippet of a story about four fictional friends...another added treat. Lisa Bergren is another author who can do it all...and I adore her.

Perfect as a shower gift, a birthday present for the mom who wants to read but has little time, or as a study for the moms in your church...this book will fill any purpose. The Round Table discussion questions are perfect for groups discussion or jouraling...or even a one-on-one mentoring friendship.

I zipped right through my copy, but take your time and savor the pages...and the moments of being a mom. I'm giving "Life On Planet Mom" five out of five bookmarks with a bath pillow and a bottle of your favorite bubble bath...something Lisa would approve of!

Happy Reading!



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1 comment:

Lisa Tawn Bergren said...

Deena, thanks for your lovely review! I hope you get to sink down into a fabulous bubble bath soon with your next book. :-)

Lisa Bergren