Monday, January 19, 2009

Scrapping Plans by Rebeca Seitz

Rebeca is back and writing better than ever with her Scrapbook Series! This time we meet Joy up close and personal, only there isn't much joy in Joy these days.

The four Sinclair sisters were all adopted into one big, happy, spiritual and mixed up family. We met Tandy in "Sisters, Ink" as she ran from both her past and lost love. Then Kendra made her appearance in "Coming Unglued", and we wondered if her life would do just that!

Now little sis Joy is forced into Scrapping Plans for her perfect family. Her Martha Stewart tendencies are known and loved by the sisters, but even Joy can't be in control of everything...

...especially the little stick that turns pink.

Can Joy be joyful if God chooses not to bless her with a womb that carries her little one? Can she convince equally controlling husband Scott to go in for further testing to see why no bun is in her oven (her words, not mine!)?

And meanwhile, what are Tandy and Kendra up to, messing in their daddy's love life? These two left alone make a mess of things, and then they attempt to put it all back together on their own. I'm telling you, of the four--it's these two who are the most dangerous:-)

Don't miss Rebeca Seitz' delightful and insightful series about the Sinclair sisters. On the surface, you might judge these as light hearted chick lit...which they are. But Rebecca really puts depth and soul into her'll walk away from each one changed...

I guarantee it!

I'm giving "Scrapping Plans" five out of five bookmarks and voting it "Best Hobby-Lit of 2009". Now, I can't WAIT for Meg's story...cause something's wrong...I can just feel it! I've been with these girls forever, don't you know!!

And I'm so blessed to be a virtual part of this quartet of sisters! Don't miss out! "Scrapping Plans" releases in February from B&H for it!!
Happy Reading!


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Kim said...

I can't wait to read this one!! I LOVE this series!