Monday, January 19, 2009

What's Age Got To Do With It by Robin McGraw

Age. Aging.

Yup, it affects us all. Even me. The perpetual kid is going to be 46 this year, and the gray hair is showing up, the menopausal years are in high gear (thanks to surgery), was I excited to get this book?

NO! LOL!! But it's a book for women of all ages, so that if your health isn't what it should be, you can make changes while you're young. And if you're my age or older, to know it is never too late to start new habits for a lifetime.

Robin McGraw gives lots of practical advice on how to maintain or regain your health and healthy attitude. Some of it is impractical for the average woman...but I don't hold that against Robin.

She has access to a wide range of experts on women's health that we ourselves don't have access to. What she's done in her book is boil down their advice into something we all can implement, at whatever level we're able.

Each chapter of her book focuses on one particular aspect of women's health and aging: fitness, nutrition, skin care, hormones, and even more. Believe me, the chapter that taught me the most was HORMONES!

But you'll find help in each area of caring for yourself in Robin's new book, "What's Age Got to Do With It". And Robin is a woman of faith, something you won't miss in this book--she's not ashamed to call Jesus her Lord.

I'd love to see more of the message of Christ in Robin's books, but again, I won't hold it against her. I'm giving this one four out of five bookmarks with a magnifying mirror as a help us get rid of those nasty chin hairs!! C'mon, you know you got'em, too!

Happy Reading!


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