Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Lost Sheep by Brandt Dodson

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It's no secret.

I love Brandt Dodson's books.

Don't believe me?

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But I have to say, with "The Lost Sheep", Brandt Dodson has topped himself. This gritty crime thriller goes places most authors would fear to tread, and Brandt writes it with honesty, humor (trust me!) and finesse.

Since Colton Parker's wife Amy passed away, the relationship between Colton and his daughter Callie has been strained, at times even hostile. But things have been improving.

Colton has met someone on the force, a woman named Mary, and she is able to connect with Callie, helping to bridge the gap between father and daughter. Also able to help, despite Colton's reluctance to let him in, is his wife's former pastor, Dale Millikin.

And it is these two people, as well as Callie's grandparents and friends on the police force that Colton turns to when the unthinkable happens...

When Callie disappears. Listed as a runaway, she leaves a one sentence message on their home answering machine that plunges Colton into a father's worst nightmare: "Daddy, don't try to find me, please."

This book takes us to the darkest places humanity can go--into the occult, prostitution, and the "vacation spot" known as Sin City. But I think it's a place we all should go and thank God that Brandt Dodson is our reluctant tour guide.

Because these novels are more than just entertainment. They contain spiritual truths that often the church doesn't want to face. Young women are hurting and longing for the One who will love them with an everlasting love, and they will look anywhere to find it.

But the ones that call out to them with promises of that kind of love often lead them places that are dark, dangerous, and often deadly. Fans of Robert B. Parker, be warned...this one novel tops them ALL.

I've enjoyed all of Mr. Dodson's work to date, but I think I can see his heart in this one...and it is a heart for Jesus and for the lost sheep He seeks to save.

Bravo, Brandt Dodson.


I give "The Lost Sheep" six out of five bookmarks, with a little lamb charm, to remind us that we all were sheep, lost and gone astray. Who will go out and seek them with the Gospel message? It's got to be us, people.

This entire series will make a GREAT Christmas gift for the crime/detective novel lover in your, if you buy them as a gift, you can read them TOO!!!!

Now, I cannot WAIT for the next Dodson novel...when does it come out??????

Happy Reading!


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