Monday, March 12, 2007

Colton Parker Mysteries by Brandt Dodson

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Ever pick up a book, look it over, get tempted...but there are just too many books and too little bucks, so it goes back on the shelf?

That's how it was with "Original Sin", book one in the Colton Parker Mystery series. They tempted me, they lured me...and finally, they roped me in with this one review: "Fans of Robert Parker's Spenser series will feel right at home. Recommended."

My hubby is a huge Spenser I bought the book for him.

Of course, I had to read it first:-)

It was amazing! So I bought "him" the second and third in the series, "Seventy Times Seven" and "The Root of All Evil".

Colton Parker is a private detective in the tradition of Robert Parker, Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler. Fired from the FBI for excessive force and guilty in the death of his wife, Parker is embarking on his own.

Each case begins so innocently: missing person to find, petty crime to solve. But before long you find yourself in a labyrinth of dark, deep criminal behavior that boggles the mind and it gets gritty quickly. I won't spoil the suspense, but just remember: things are not always what they seem, especially in a Colton Parker mystery!

Added to the P.I. work is Colton's struggle to reconnect with his 13 year old daughter, Callie. She blames him for her mother's death--or does she--and is going through the typical teenaged angst, compounded by trauma in her life from her mother's death, her father's employment, and assorted events that unfold.

So far, I've zipped through "Original Sin" and just wrapped up "Seventy Times Seven". I'm about to savor "The Root of All Evil" (that just sounds so wrong:-),
so watch for a detailed review.

If you enjoy gritty, investigative novels with a crime show feel, you will thoroughly enjoy Colton Parker. Do like I them for your husband--great men's fiction--just be sure to read them first;-)

Happy Reading!


P.S. My husband gets to read "Original Sin"'s wife approved!!

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