Friday, October 2, 2009

Spring Broke by Melody Carlson

The girls of 86 Bloomberg Place are back, and lives are more complicated than ever! The drama never seems to end, and the faith journey each young woman is on takes her places she'd never dream of.

Kendall's shocking news has her in a funk...not to mention she's just about broke. When Meg suggests a garage sale to get Kendall out of debt, she didn't realize the work would fall on her shoulders.

Which would be fine, considering her developing servant's heart. But Meg's boss is a bear, and her job seems to stay in constant jeopardy. How can she juggle the demands at work with Kendall's unending demands at home?

Lelani is still grieving a decision that changed her life forever, and her new love is encouraging her to take steps to heal that wound. But a trip home to Hawaii over Spring Break is too much for her to consider on her own...

...and her invitation to Meg has sparked a flare up between roommates. Anna is the logical second choice to go when it looks like Meg can't get the time off. Kendall is lonely and jealous, but how can she afford to go to Hawaii when she can't even afford her bills?

With romance nipping at their heels and life-altering decisions knocking on their doors, the girls of 86 Bloomberg Place will never be the same after this memorable spring vacation.

Think Peyton Place without all the ick and with the search for a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with God. Makes me glad I'm 40-something instead of 20-something...oh, the drama!

Of course, my daughters keep me well supplied! So, since they help me relate, I'm giving "Spring Broke" four out of five bookmarks with a set of flip-flops as a charm. Be watching for my review of the fourth and final book in this series coming soon.

In the meantime, check out I Heart Bloomberg and Let Them Eat Fruitcake, and sample Three Weddings and a Bar Mitzvah.

Happy Reading!



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Wendi said...

:) I read the fourth book, NOT knowing it was a series, so it was great to read your review and get a peak at what happened in the earlier book.

~ Wendi