Monday, July 27, 2009

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do by Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt

I can't lie to you--you're my friends and my faithful readers. Much as I hate to admit it, I wish Anne and May would get back to writing chick-lit for adults. I miss their witty stories and clever storylines.


...if any two authors are going to collaborate on a realistic view of life for teen girls, I don't think I'd pick anyone BUT Anne and May. Their new series, "The Miracle Girls", just keeps turning up the drama and putting the quartet of characters through their challenges.

Ana, Christine, Zoe and Riley bonded with one another over the summer. But school is back in session, and so are the little cliques and groups that threaten to keep the Miracle Girls apart.

Christine's mom has been gone for over a year now, and she still hasn't talked to anyone about the accident. Now her politically savvy father is engaged to Candace--aka "The Bimbo", and Christine is bent on breaking the two of them up.

Ana is in heavy competition with Riley, but no one is sure why. Zoe just wants to keep the peace, and her distance from Marcus Farcus (who names their kid that??), while Riley is still trying to overcome what happened last year and to keep her head together amidst family troubles.

The tides of their sophomore year threaten to rip apart their new bonds of friendship. Can each of the Miracle Girls hang on to one another and help Christine through one of the most difficult challenges of her young life?

I didn't really like Christine. She was the biggest brat, but after reading her story...well, I finally warmed up to her. Again, this is an example of excellent writing. When you want to wring someone's neck and she isn't even real...that's good stuff!

I highly recommend this series to teens, especially those who are battling issues with family or faith. But girls who are in solid with God would benefit from this series as helps to walk in someone else's shoes, even if they are fictional characters.

I'm giving "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" four out of five bookmarks, with a paintbrush as a charm. Be watching for the third book coming soon from FaithWords and Anne and May (will us grown ups be getting a new book soon, too, ladies??)

Happy Reading!


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Amy said...

I loved this book and I'm 29 years old! I hope they keep writing YA ;)

Melanie said...

There really isn't enough Christian YA fiction. I'm glad these two authors are writing YA. I haven't read this series, but I definitely intend to.

adge said...

I loved the first book in the series.