Monday, July 27, 2009

The Justice Game by Randy Singer

I was privileged to have direct influence on the outcome of this particular novel. You may have been as well. Randy Singer took a huge risk, allowing his readers to decide the verdict.

I hope you all chose well.

Because the verdict is in, and it's simply this: books by Randy Singer always rock, but "The Justice Game" rocks harder than them all! Rich with authentic detail about the gun debate, courtroom workings, and tinged with a mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end, "The Justice Game" is the the top of Randy's writing game.

When a local news reporter is kidnapped and murder on live television, the family grieves deeply. Afterward, they choose to file suit in the murder of their loved one--and to take on the gun company that manufactured that weapon.

In the courtroom are young lawyers, Jason Noble and Kelly Starling. One is an idealist, and one is fit for the stage. One will take the client's interest to heart, and one will work to simply win a case.

Both have secrets that could cost their client the case, and cost them their careers.

Maybe even their lives.

This is about far more than the gun debate that stills rages from time to time in America. This is about fairness, justice, truth, integrity, and Christ---more before than in any other novel Randy has written.

Better than John Grisham by a mile, I'm not only pleased, I'm proud to recommend our brother in Christ as a top of the line legal fiction author. If you've never tried a novel by Randy Singer, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????

I give "The Justice Game" the Golden Bookmark for publishing excellence, with a golden gavel as a charm. I'm also voting it best legal novel of 2009! (By the way, Randy's novel ranks up there with "Riven" by Jerry B. Jenkins...hopefully you know what that means!)

Happy Reading!


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