Monday, July 27, 2009

A Life Well Read by Deborah and Debra

What do you get someone who has nearly every book, bookmark, and bookcase they could ever want or need? Someone who has a devotion to books and a love for the written word? Finally, I have a wonderful answer for you!

Deborah and Debra have created a gorgeous boxed catalog system that illustrates the bibliophile's devotion to books. Beautifully package and well crafted, "A Life Well Read" needs to go on everyone's wish list and gift giving list.

Each set comes with a sturdy container that is gorgeous as well as practical. The top portion slides right off, and inside you find everything you'll need to design your master library.

A fountain pen, nestled in its own holder, to fill in your full-sized index cards. Each card has a place for the title, author, your rating, and more. You can add information such as who gave you the book, the date given, and the genre of the book.

You can even record the date you first read the book, then write out your review of what you've read. Kind of like a blog within a box!

On the back of each card are spots to keep track of books you've loaned out, and to record information for your book clubs. If this is a wishlist item, you can mark on the bottom when the book becomes available in either hardcover or paperback, and whether or not it is out of print.

That information can be handy for those books we want to leave to our families. Some of my books are my treasures, and those would be the ones that would go in this beautifully designed filing system.

Also included are book plates to personalize your books, dividers to keep your system organized (some are already labeled and some are blank). Also included are full sized cards to keep track of the books you'd love to one day give as gifts.

This again is great for those particular volumes that you want to be sure go to the person who truly loves them. This entire package is the perfect gift for the booklover who pretty much has everything!

For the next four weeks, (until August 23rd), my readers can order this packaged set for 25% off! With Christmas creeping up on us and birthdays coming and going, isn't this the perfect time to find that perfect gift?

Don't forget to order one for yourself! For more information on ordering, you can click here and order direct. But remember, the 25% discount offer only lasts until August 23rd.

Happy Reading!


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CarlybirdH said...

Wow, I like it! My birthday is this week and I think I may have to get this. Thank you!