Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eight Little Faces by Kate Gosselin

With the firestorm of controvery surrounding the author and her family, I was reluctant to even attempt to review this book. But I believe in honoring my commitments, even when difficult, so here are my thoughts.

"Eight Little Faces" is a pictorial memory book of the Gosselin children, specifically the famous six. It contains never before seen photos, and many are candid and adorable.

Kate chronicles her journey as a mom to eight, and includes passages of Scripture and specific virtues or struggles mom's face, regardless of how many children a mom has.

But, as a gift book, I didn't quite see the value. This is more a memory book for the Gosselin family...it doesn't really reach a wider audience as most gift books are intended.

Plus, while I don't want to throw fuel on the fire, the message of the book does not begin to match the public persona of the author. I dont' know Kate Gosselin personally, nor do I want to judge her life.

But as a believer in the public eye, she has to understand that everything she does must match up with her message. Perfection? No way. But consistency? Yes, way. As a pastor's wife, I'm forever conscious of how I behave and the message I carry...they must match as much as humanly possible.

So, I wasn't totally taken by the book. A glimpse into the nicer side of the Gosselin family? Yes. Adorable! As a gift book for any specific purpose? Couldn't see it.

Therefore, I'm only giving this one two of five bookmarks, with a mom's necklace as a charm...mine has seven on it--five girls and two boys. How many does yours have?

I'm praying for the Gosselin family, that family will truly come first and fame a far, distant objective. With God, all things are possible...even the restoration of this family. Join me in prayer, and ignore the stupid tabloids, PLEASE!

Happy Reading!


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Amydeanne said...

my bracelet..
2 girls, 2 boys, 3 angels.
so 7 as well.

Interesting to know about the book. I love Jon & Kate plus... I understand her militant style and I think we really don't see much of her personality it's so skewed on that show.

funny you posted this today, and I understand about the controversy... I've been praying for them this week as well.

Jennifer Bogart said...

I've not watched the show or read the books, but I know the basic story and have been in prayer whenever relatives bring it up, or whenever I go to the grocery store in particular!