Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Higher Hope by Robert Whitlow

Normally, Robert Whitlow tops my list of favorite legal thriller authors, along with all time favorite Randy Singer. But he slips down a notch with his latest novel in the Tides of Truth series.

I'm not quite sure what he was going for with this book. The legal case never quite turned into a case at all, and some of the spiritual content left me a bit puzzled.

Tami Taylor is still reeling in the persecution for her extreme faith. The church she grew up in is very firm in its teachings, and Tami is beginning to question a few things. Home is still home, but is Tami growing away from home?

Her relationships with her co-workers at the law firm are under a microscope in this novel, examining their beliefs and how they differ or line up with Tami's. Once again, her faith collides with her career choice, but this time instead of being clearer, it's almost as if the waters muddy a bit.

This time the client is an abrasive, outspoken and prophetic preacher--a woman who's heart was once broken and now...no one really knows what motivates her. She has publicly lashed out at a company, creating a situation for slander and libel.

Tami is chosen to take on this case, and her feelings are confused. Does this woman actually have the gift of prophecy, or does she just do her homework? Can Tami build a case against a fellow believer without violating the teachings of Scripture?

And who will win Tami's heart? The same two young law clerks are vying for her attentions, and it's still undecided which way she will lean. In all, the story feels like a continuing drama of the heart and not a drama of the courts.

I'm holding my ultimate verdict until the next novel debuts in 2010. For now, I'm only giving "Higher Hope" three out of five bookmarks. No charm, as Robert just didn't capture my full attention with this one. But he normally hits it out of the courtroom...so take a chance!

Happy Reading!


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sarah k said...

i loved this book. :)

Deena Peterson said...

Normally, I love his books as well, Sarah. This one just wasn't in my top five of his writing...but, I'm glad you loved it...be sure to post on Amazon.com to give people your thoughts:-)