Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On Tour With Finding Stephanie by Susan May Warren


The mark of a great writer is growth, and Susan May Warren's "Noble Legacy Trilogy" grows in passion, richness and depth as it goes along. I honestly believe this is Susan's best writing ever.

In "Reclaiming Nick", the prodigal had returned. Tired of running from his past and fearing his future, Nick Noble returned to the family ranch, The Silver Buckle, and allowed God to conquer his fears and allowed himself to be the son and brother he was always meant to be.

Investigative reporter Piper Sullivan came for an exclusive and to prove Nick was not who he claimed to be. Posing as a cook, she learned the truth firsthand, found out some things about herself, and got more than she bargained for in this Noble brother!

The second book, "Taming Rafe" gave us a cowboy and a socialite who had something to prove. Rafe Noble was a wild bull rider who had to prove his worth by nearly killing himself in the ring and in life. Kat Breckenridge has to raise funds to keep her mother's charitable organization alive or she's failed.

When these two meet, worlds collide with a big crash...literally! But watching Rafe come to realize his worth in Christ, and Kat learning to be loved for who she is and not what she does...well, it's enlightening and fun.

Finally, we meet the lone female in this trio, and she's gorgeous inside and out. In "Finding Stephanie", Rafe's twin sister is tired of being the one who's always held down the fort. With the exception of one semester in college, Stephanie has never left the Buckle.

While her brothers were off "finding themselves", Stephanie lost her own identity in the ranch. She has her own dreams, but fears they will never come to past due to her mistakes and decisions. What will it take to find the real Stephanie Noble again and to bring her back to life?

Lincoln Cash has made a name for himself in the movie industry. A hot property action movie star, he's come a long way from the scared and bullied boy he once was. But inside, does he feel like Lincoln Cash...or is he still running from those bullies and what they taught him?

Layered into the story of Lincoln and Stephanie are three orphaned siblings searching for a home, and a young minister's daughter who yearns to be both obedient and free. These story threads intertwine to create the best of this trilogy...I dare you to not cry at least ONE time in these pages!

Susan writes with heart, passion and transparency. When you read her books, you see bits and pieces of her, and she is a beautiful soul indeed. Her characters are always rich and deep and literally walk off of the pages and into your heart and memory.

She has a knack of tapping into us and pulling out those things that hold us back and keep us from our full potential in Christ, and bringing them into the healing light of God's love. I don't believe I've ever read a novel written by Susan that has disappointed me.

I'm giving "Finding Stephanie" five out of five bookmarks, with a silver buckle as a charm. Don't miss this wonderful and rich trilogy of siblings...you'll find yourself in one of them, I guarantee it!

Happy Reading!


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