Saturday, March 8, 2008

Amber Morn by Brandilyn Collins


How in the WORLD can a 315 page novel fly by so incredibly fast? I'll tell you how...Brandilyn Collins wrote it! And what an ending to her most remarkable suspense series to date!

"Amber Morn" opens with a celebration, and an ending. Old friends are moving on to new opportunities, families are changing, and careers are launching. To celebrate, Bailey Truitt has opened her heart and her business, Java Joint, to her bloggers from Scenes and Beans (a REAL blog, by the way!).

As they gather around S-Man for the signing, three mad gunman rush the cafe and take every precious member of Kanner Lake hostage. Everyone we've grown to love is there...Carla with her daughter and her best friend...Bailey, owner of the town's heart and main business...and so many, many other dear friends.

Police Chief Vince Edwards is the only one who can meet the gunman's demands...and he's running out of time. How many will die? Can he save his friends, and his town from these volatile men?

A couple of words of warning: do NOT begin unless you have a LOT of time, because you will be GLUED to your seat, flipping pages fast enough to keep you cooled by the breeze.

Second...when Brandilynn's the author...NO ONE is safe from her pen...including YOU. This cataclysmic ending left me breathless and had my husband reminding me, "They're not real people," to which I replied, "Oh, yes they ARE!"

If you've read one of Brandilynn's novels, you know exactly what I mean! So, I'm giving "Amber Morn" seven out of five bookmarks, with a biggie mocha latte as a charm. And did you know that Christian Fiction Blog Alliance's own Bonnie Calhoun was a blogger for Scenes and Beans?

How cool is that! (See, honey, I told you they were real people!). I'm also voting the Kanner Lake series "Best Suspense Series of 2007/2008"! "Amber Morn" releases April 2008 (just a 'little' wait, my friends) from Zondervan.

To read my reviews of the rest of this amazing series (I'm SO sad it's over...I love these people!), click on the appropriate title:

Violet Dawn ( this one before I started bloggin' me, it's GOOD!)
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Crimson Eve
and of course, Amber Morn.

Happy Reading!



Gavin said...

Looks like a great series. I think I must check it out.

Brittanie said...

I can't wait. I have not read the first two but I read the third as part of the CFBA. :)

Nise' said...

You are so right my friend, DO NOT start her books unless you have time to finish them and maybe not at night all. alone. Can't wait for this one.

Anonymous said...

Boo Hiss. After this "awful" review I had to rush out to the library and get the first two books in this series. Finished book one today. Loving it! I will be reading more by her!!

Thanks a lot!! :)

Kim said...

You've got me drooling Deena!! Can't wait to read this one! Brandilyn Collins is the QUEEN of suspense!!

aka berly sue

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to start this series!! Suspenseful!!! :D