Saturday, March 8, 2008

We Asked, You Answered!

Remember the reading challenge my son came up with? Well, I asked YOU to pick our prize...and we finally have settled on a deal!

So, we have two will get a copy of our next book...once we decide what it is:-)

And the other will get a gift certificate to an ice cream parlor in their town...I'm buying for ALL of us (in case you didn't hear, I lost by ONE PAGE!!!)

So, our book winner is

Forst Rose! (Be patient..we don't know what our next book will be yet...we're still debating...kind of like Clinton and bad!)

And our ice cream winner is

Amy, with a gift certificate to Coldstone Creamery (once I can figure out how to get her one--she may just have to settle for Baskin Robbins:-)

Thanks for your time, I'm showing NO mercy!!

Happy Reading!


1 comment:

Amy said...

Very awesome! Better luck next time with your challenge!