Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Darkness Reigns by Jill Williamson

About the Book:

The god of the soil is furious. Volcanic eruptions, sinkholes, earthquakes--everything points to his unhappiness. At least this is what the people of Armania in the Five Realms believe.

Amidst the unsettling state of the world around them, the princes of Armania live their lives focused more on who will claim the throne after their sickly father, King Echad, dies. That is until Prince Wilek's concubine turns up dead--beside her, a bloodied message that seems to have come from the mother realms.

Darkness Reigns is collected together with parts 2 and 3 in King's Folly.

My Thoughts:

May I just say that "Darkness Reigns" is an exquisite reading experience.  I fell in love with her world-building in "The Blood of Kings" trilogy, so I was thrilled to get a first read of her new epic series.

If you've read her previous novels, be warned: "Darkness Reigns" goes places Jill has never gone before.  Think "Game of Thrones" meets "Chronicles of Narnia".  Her plot is intricate, her characters are lively, and her story...

...classic and destined to live on the shelf along side Tolkien and Lewis.

Horrific earthquakes and disasters abound.  The Royals are indulgent and competitive, and the people have lost their trust in their leadership.  End-times themes run through the first tale, and leave you hungry for more.

"Darkness Reigns" is the first of three parts in the first volume of this epic series.  And, yes, I realize I've used the word 'epic' several times, because there just isn't another word that captures the feel of the tale.

"Darkness Reigns" is available now, and parts 2 and 3 will be releasing soon!  Highly recommended!

Happy Reading!



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