Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Blessed, Blessed, Blessed by Missy Robertson, Jase Robertson and Beth Clark

About the Book:

Missy Robertson knew that marrying duck-hunting family man Jase Robertson would be an adventure . . . and she was up to the challenge. Their life together was good (even after Jase grew the beard). They had two children, worked hard to help build the thriving Duck Commander business, and loved and served God. But after a difficult and risky pregnancy, their daughter, Mia, was born with a cleft palate—a serious condition requiring multiple cranial and facial surgeries. As their baby struggled to breathe, and Missy and Jase faced a life that suddenly looked very different than the one they’d planned, they found themselves staring down one of life’s biggest questions: Where is God in all this pain? This is the Robertsons’ story. It’s for anyone scared and overwhelmed by a problem they can’t fix; anyone lost and searching for a way through. You’ll meet the young girl Mia who captured A&E’s Duck Dynasty viewers’ hearts, and learn how Missy and Jase have raised her and their sons to be faithful, confident, and secure in who they are.

You’ll be inspired by how the Robertson family stuck by each other through the hardest times. And you’ll discover that God’s blessings are bigger than you ever dreamed—and there when you need them the most.

My Thoughts:

I became a Duck Dynasty fan when I read Willie Robertson's book about how their business became the successful entity it is and how the reality show began.  Since then, many of the Robertson's have written books, and I've read nearly every title.

But Missy's book is the one I've been waiting for.  When we see Christian families on television they are often portrayed as holier than life, or as cartoonish jerks.  It was refreshing to have a family that didn't hide their faults, but also strived for God's best.

Jase and Missy have two wonderful boys and a precious little girl.  Mia was born with cleft lip and palate, just as my nephew was nearly 35 years ago.  I never fully grasped the difficulty CL&P was for the child, and all the family endured on the road to recovery.

Missy did a fabulous job with the book, allowing readers to experience the powerful emotions that she went through, as well as being very real and transparent about her faith and her struggles.  Mia is incredible, and you do not want to miss the chance to know more about the little girl God has His hand on.

Each new book reveals a little more about the Robertson family members, with very few stories being repeated.  Apparently, they have a LOT of stories!  That's great, because I love reading about the family I consider America's family.

My thanks to my friends at Tyndale Publishing for my ebook in exchange for an honest review.  "Blessed, Blessed, Blessed" (so named for each of Missy's children) is available now, and is highly recommended!

Happy Reading!



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