Friday, October 16, 2015

Mistletoe Justice by Carol J. Post

About the Book:

Someone has framed Darci Tucker for embezzlement—and she's pretty sure it's her boss. The real criminal will do anything to make sure she doesn't talk, from breaking into her home to hacking her computer. Her only hope for regaining control, and protecting her young son from danger, is Conner Stevenson. Desperate for answers about his sister's sudden disappearance,

Conner is determined to uncover why the bookkeeper was named a target. Now Darci and her son have become pawns in a deadly game, and as Conner races to protect them, he finds he wants more than justice. He may want a family for Christmas after all…if they live that long.

My Thoughts:

I've always been a fan of what is commonly known as mass market paperbacks, but I'm extremely picky.  Reading a novel in the Love Inspired line up of books is always a safe choice, and I really enjoy the suspense--way more than the straight romance.

"Mistletoe Justice" is the second novel by Carol J. Post to cross my path, and I thoroughly enjoyed every page.  Carol breathes life into her characters and allows them to struggle with life.  For imaginary people, they read fairly real life!

Darci presented as a strong heroine, able to stand on her own two feet.  But she also has a softer side, and she's willing to accept help when needed.  Her love for her son was heartwarming, and Jayden's struggle with autism was portrayed well.  He could speak volumes with a little half smile, and I fell in love with the little guy.

Conner is a strong male figure, but he doesn't have all the answers, and he has no problem being a team player.  His lack of confidence as a surrogate parent was refreshing, even more when he was willing to open up with Darci about his issues at home.

The story was engaging and fast paced, with just enough description to paint the scene, but enough dialogue to keep the story from lagging.  My only quibble is this: a lot of justice, but light on the mistletoe...I like my Christmas-y reads to be more...Christmas-y.

My thanks to Carol for my complimentary e-book in exchange for an honest review.  I've enjoyed the two novels she's written for Love Inspired Suspense, and will be watching the shelves at my local book retailer for more titles from Carol.

"Mistletoe Justice" is most definitely recommended.

Happy Reading!



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Kelly Blackwell @ Heres My Take On It said...

I love a Christmas season read and I love suspense. Who wouldn't enjoy the combination. Your review definitely makes it a must. Thanks for sharing!