Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Justified by Varina Denman

About the Book:

In a small Texas town ruled by gossip, Fawn Blaylock believes others are justified in condemning her untimely pregnancy. Stifled by guilt, she yearns for grace while the local football coach treats her with gentle respect.

Justified perfectly captures the rhythm and romance of life in a small town, telling the unforgettable story of a woman searching for renewal, a man looking beyond what others see, and a community torn between judgment and love. It is the unforgettable story of broken dreams, second chances, and relentless hope.

My Thoughts:

Varina Denman won my heart with her debut novel, "Jaded".  She has sealed the deal with her sequel, a book more powerful and more captivating than the first.  "Justified" is a book you must not miss this year.

Fawn Blaylock was a member of the "let's scorn Fawn and her mom" group.  Now life has turned upside down for her and she's on the receiving end of the judgment, shunning and scorn.  Can anyone get close to Fawn without dealing with the fallout of associating with her?

True, it was Fawn's choices that put her in such a precarious position, but don't we all make mistakes, bad calls in judgment, and...sin?  Then who are we to sit on our moral high horses when we find broken people in our midst?

Sometimes I fear the church either takes "judge not unless you're willing to be judged" too far...but she also goes on the "pass judgment bandwagon" so many times she should have a lifetime pass to ride.  (hopefully you got the wit in that last statement...if not, just move along, nothing to see here...).

Thankfully, God forgives us all and He enables us to have the faith to ask Him for His forgiveness.  My heart ached for Fawn in "Justified"...and believe me, that took some powerful writing, because I couldn't stand her in "Jaded"!

Oh, what a difference a sequel can make! 

For such a tiny, one horse town, Trapp, Texas packs a lot of mystery and small town secrets.  Surprises and Varina's specialty, and she has a few in store for readers in "Justified".  My thanks to my friends at David C. Cook Publishing for my complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

Honestly, make Varina Denman and her "Mended Hearts" series a must-read on your list.  And prayer your daughters might one day find real life men like Dodd and JohnScott!

"Justified" releases June 2015, which gives you plenty of  time to read "Jaded", available now at booksellers everywhere!

Happy Reading!



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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words, Deena. I'm so glad you enjoyed Jaded. :)