Thursday, November 20, 2014

Road Trip by Evan Nehring

About the Book:

Road Trip is the story of your journey through the big decisions of young adulthood. Many grads choose to leave their faith behind like a childhood fairy tale, only to realize later they’ve missed out on becoming who they were created to be. Road Trip is the vision of your own unique pathway – the one you were born to love.

This book will help you:

Deepen your faith with seven core values to guide you through the five big decisions of young adulthood.
Enhance your godly passion for dating, marriage, child-raising, and family life.
Strengthen your abilities to handle academics, worldview, and campus life.
Increase your career prospects with a road map to craftsmanship.
Expand your impact on your world!
Choose today to set out on a quarterlife cruise instead of a quarterlife crisis! Boost your courage and confidence as you head out on your next great adventure!

My Thoughts:

This is another one of those books I might have missed out on if I didn't write reviews for a living.  "Road Trip" is a treasure chest, packed with stories and experiences and truths that everyone needs in life, whether you're just embarking on your own adventure or you've hit a wrong turn along the way.

Evan begins with a killer introduction that will grab your attention immediately and have you nodding your head in agreement from the opening page. Then he dives in, asking the 'Five Great Questions of Life'.

The book divides into several sections, with each focusing on a particular aspect of our journey through life.  Questions are posed, such as 'what's my spiritual center?', 'what's my worldview?', and some basic questions such as 'how will I make a living?' and 'who will I spend my life with?".

Each section is jam packed with truth, wisdom, some soundbites you can gnaw on as you travel along in life, and some practical 'been there, done that' wisdom from fellow travelers.  Basically, if you're going anywhere in life (that would be all of us), you need this book.

Make it a companion to your Bible, and take both with you wherever you go.  "Road Trip" is more useful than Rand McNally ever dreamed of being (okay, I know I just outed my age there, but hey!).

My thanks to my friends at Aneko Press for my copy in exchange for an honest review.  "Road Trip" is highly recommended.

Happy Reading!



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