Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Heart of the Country by Rene Gutteridge and John Ward

About the Book:

A novelization of the feature film Heart of the Country

 Faith and Luke Carraday have it all. After taking his inheritance from his father’s stable, lucrative business to invest in a successful hedge fund with the Michov Brothers, Luke is on the fast track as a rising young executive. And Faith, a beautiful singer turned socialite, is settling comfortably into her role as his wife.

When rumors of the Michovs’ involvement in a Ponzi scheme reach Faith, she turns to Luke for confirmation, and he assures her that all is well. But when Luke is arrested, Faith can’t understand why he would lie to her, and she takes off for the farm and the family she turned her back on years ago. Meanwhile, Luke is forced to ask his own family for help as he desperately tries to untangle himself from his mistakes. Can two prodigals return to families they abandoned and hope to be met with open arms? Will a marriage survive betrayal when there is nowhere to run but home?

My Thoughts:

I'm a huge fan of Rene Gutteridge novels, so when I discovered she had collaborated on this novelization I was eager to read the book.  While I didn't enjoy "Heart of the Country" as much as some of her other books, it was still a pleasant reading experience.

Faith and Luke just never really came to life for me.  I get into stories when the characters feel like people I could sit across a table from and talk to them face to face.  Characters that get into situations that make me want to pray for them, even though they aren't real people.

That just never happened for me.

The story was good, but similar.  I wouldn't say I struggled to finish the book...but I was happy to move on to something else to read right away.  No sense of emotion lingered after I turned the final page.  Just "well, that was good"...and off to the next novel.

My thanks to my friends at Tyndale Publishing for my advance copy in exchange for an honest review.  "Heart of the Country" was a good just wasn't a great book.

Happy Reading!



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