Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Deployed by Mel Odom

From the Back of the Book:

Sergeant Lance Corporal Bekah Shaw joined the United States Marine reserves to help support herself and her son when her ex-husband, Billy Roy, decided they were no longer his responsibility. But when her team is activated and sent to Somalia on a peacekeeping mission, Bekah struggles with being separated from her son and vows to return safely.
Once a successful Somalian businessman, Rageh Daud has lost everything. Determined to seek revenge on the terrorists who killed his wife and son, he teams up with a group of thieves, killers, and others displaced by war. Despite his better judgment, Daud becomes the protector of a young orphaned boy--who becomes a pawn between the warring factions.To defeat the terrorists and bring peace to the region, Bekah and her team must convince Daud that they are on the same side.

My Thoughts:

Sometimes it takes a couple of attempts at reading until a book captures my attention.  I expected to dive into Mel Odom's new series head first, but didn't get hooked until about ten chapters in.

From that point forward, I was a goner!  "Deployed" isn't quite the high octane ride I found in Odom's previous military suspense, but the story was satisfying and left me anxious for the next novel.

One issue I had with the story was the opening.  I didn't care much for Bekah at first, even though her situation would normally lead to sympathy.  Not quite sure why, but I finally warmed up to her.

Mel has a lot of ground to cover introducing the new characters as well, but once everyone settles in and gets familiar with the unit, the story picks up the pace and the suspense kicks in.

Oh, and be prepared for an INTENSE final few'll be up into the wee hours of the morning, chanting to yourself, "Just one more chapter, just one more chapter..."

I received a copy of "Deployed" through the Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for an honest review.  I took my time with this book, wanting to give it a fair read.  I'm glad I did, and "Deployed", despite a rocky start, is highly recommended.

Happy Reading!



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