Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lucy, Come Home by Dave and Neta Jackson

From the Back Cover:

Lucy Tucker, the feisty old bag lady we all loved from the House of Hope series, has confounded everyone. Why won't she come off the streets of Chicago? How did she ever end up there in the first place? Why did she disappear again? We didn't mean to leave you hanging, but now we can tell the whole story.

It all started back in the summer of 1942 when she and a dashing young man from a traveling carnival ran away together to escape a murder charge ... Oh, but you'll want to read the whole book yourself about carnivals, migrant camps, the war, and true love lost and found.

My Thoughts:

If you've read any of the Yada Yada novels, you know that a hallmark of Neta Jackson's fiction is fully fleshed out characters.  I would guess that these people actually rent space in Neta's imagination, giving her access to all of their quirks, flaws, foibles and faith journeys...must be very crowded in there!

Another factor in her stellar fiction is the continuing threads from one book to another, and from one series to another.  We first met Lucy waaaayyyy back in the House of Hope series, and Neta dropped nuggets of history along the way, giving us insight into how Lucy came to live on the streets of Chicago.

But Dave and Neta joined creative forces to give us a rich tale of Lucy Tucker's life, beginning when she was a young teen, interspersed with the story we're familiar with from her encounter with Gabby and Manna House (see House of Hope novels).  Lucy's life was difficult from the beginning, traveling from field to field to harvest and help care for her younger siblings.

When it seems life is giving her a break by working in the 'big house' caring for her employer's pregnant wife and helping in the store...the unexpected happens.  Now on the run, Lucy begins a journey she never could have imagined that takes her places she'd never dreamed.

Which isn't a good thing, but isn't a bad thing either.  It's a God thing.  And oh, did I cry for Lucy!

This wasn't my favorite book; sometimes the story lagged a bit for me.  Lucy isn't my favorite times she gets on my last nerve.  But by the end, I'm so glad I got to know her better, and I'll never look at homelessness the same way again.

My thanks to Dave and Neta Jackson for my advance copy of "Lucy, Come Home" in exchange for my honest review.  Check out other stories by Neta and by'll be glad you did!  "Lucy, Come Home" is available now, and is recommended.

Happy Reading!



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