Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kisses From Katie by Katie Davis (with Beth Clark)

It's been a long time, but I found a book that truly moved me and inspired me to make changes in my walk with God. And, while I realize that we are all called to different things, I still believe that if we lived our lives with just half the passion found in these pages we'd turn the world upside down.

Katie Davis was a typical teenager, growing up in Brentwood Tennessee and lacking for pretty much nothing. She was popular, she was pretty, and she had a loving and supportive family who believed in Christ.

That wasn't enough for her. In her early teen years Katie's soul craved more than just safe and secure: she longed to make a difference. So she prayed, and God gave her Uganda.

What was supposed to be a short term trip turned into a year, which has since turned into a life spent serving on foreign soil. Katie is a woman with a vision who lives her life one step at a time, wanting always to be in the center of her Father's will.

The book chronicles her journey to Uganda, the choices she made along the way, and what her life is now like serving the poorest of the poor. And the book isn't all rose petals and song...Katie keeps it real. You'll find tears, longing, doubt and some struggling in these pages.

And yes...she includes PICTURES!! Photos of beautiful children that Katie is in the process of adopting. At the young age of twenty-two, Katie is Mommy to fourteen girls from Uganda. Well, it was fourteen at the end of the book, anyway! That is enough to make you want to check this one out, huh??

But you'll walk away inspired to make your life count for something other than Social Security when you retire and enough to make ends meet every month. After all, what's the point of existing if we don't bring God glory with our lives and help change lives while we're here?

"Kisses From Katie" is published by Howard Publishing and is highly, highly recommended. This is a book that makes me wish to be independently wealthy, so that I could buy and give away copies to everyone in the church, and could help send hundreds of Ugandan children to school with Katie.

Just think...if books like this were required reading in school...oh, the vision our youth would have and the lives that would change for Jesus! Don't miss "Kisses From Katie"...and her journey continues at her website.

Happy Reading!



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Dawn said...

I also loved Kisses from Katie. It is such a sweet book.
My heart was truly changed to the point of moving me into action with local issues re: orphans.
We've ordered a couple of pieces of the jewelry and the items are stunningly beautiful in person.


The Moseleys said...

This looks like a great one, thanks for the review!

Jenn said...

I just finished this one and LOVED it! Such an inspiration to live out each day focused on what God's will for your life is. :)