Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Names Of God Bible by Ann Spangler, General Editor

I love Bibles, but go into any bookstore and you'll find wall after wall of translations, helps, and new Bibles to choose from. How in the world can you select from such a huge...well...selection?

I'm happy to share a new Bible with you that I absolutely love. It's "The Names Of God Bible" in the 'God's Word Translation', edited by bestselling author Ann Spangler. This new easy-to-read translation is perfect for anyone who's struggled with reading Scripture or for those who want a fresh look at this precious text.

"The Names of God Bible" comes with several unique features. This edition comes with the standard index of the books of the Bible, but also has an alphabetical list of names and titles of God, including the page references. Wonder where God is referred to as God Most High? How about The Lord Who Heals? Did you know that He is called a Jealous God?

"The Names of God Bible" includes a pronunciation guide, an introduction written by Ann Spangler that is a wonderful entry point to reading the Bible, and helpful diagrams. Ann provides multiple reading plans that allow you to read the entire Bible, through the various names of God, a quick overview of Scripture and more.

My favorite feature is the focus on the names of God. Each time God is mentioned the name is in bold red italics. Each book introduction has a list of the key names of God and the meaning of each name. You'll find name pages devoted to background, explanation, references and more, sidebars connecting Biblical characters with their names for God, and a topical prayer guide.

I love the 'Scripture callouts, locations when Ann highlights a Scripture or passage for memorization. Each one focuses on a name of God and is key to the book or passage. Plus, the "God's Word Translation" is so clear and easy to understand!

This is a wonderful Bible for a fresh look at God through His Word, for new believers wanting to know more about the God they now call Father, for struggling readers, and for anyone wanting a deeper relationship with Elohim. My generous thanks to Donna and my friends at Revell for my complimentary copy.

"The Names of God Bible" is highly recommended. You can find "The Names of God Bible" in bookstores everywhere, and is available in hardcover edition.

Happy Reading!



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