Thursday, December 1, 2011

ESV Grow! Bible by Crossway Publishing

I'm a Bible junkie, so I rarely find a version that I don't enjoy and fall in love with. In order to give a fair and impartial review, I gave a copy of this one to my daughter to see what she thought. Keep in mind that she's 21 and has been a struggling reader most of her life.

She loved the cover and found the text very easy to read and understand. The "W" questions pointing out who, what, where and why were engaging. According to Katy, these encourage kids to ask more questions and to discuss what they read with their parents.

The "4U" boxes make the Bible more relevant and applicable to a child's life, and since the Bible is a "Grow!" Bible, each time your child reads God's Word, the answers will change as well as the application. Katy loved this feature as well.

The articles and diagrams were also appealing. She said the color added to the eye-factor, drawing the reader's attention to the special goodies on each page. The helps in the back were great, including a chart for where to read when dealing with a life issue (like friends not talking to you any longer) and a chart about the life of Jesus.

Katy and I agreed that the maps gave the Bible a grown-up feel, while still being easy for a child to understand. In all, we both give the "ESV Grow! Bible" a high recommendation and feel it is a great Bible for boys and girls ages 8 and up to at least 13 or 14 depending on the reader.

My thanks to Angie at Crossway for a chance to take a peek at this new Bible, and the "ESV Grow! Bible" is available at bookstores everywhere and online as well!

Happy Reading!



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