Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Diary of a Player by Brad Paisley and David Wild

I'm a HUGE fan of country music, and Brad Paisley is one of my all-time favorite artists. Some of the best songs on his albums are the instrumentals, and I adored "Play" album almost entirely composed of his 'pickin'.

So naturally I was thrilled when I learned he'd written a book. I was even more thrilled when my friends at Howard Publishing sent me a review copy. This was a quick read, filled with great photos and lots of memories...

...of how Brad became the consumate guitarist that he now is. It all began when Brad was 8-years-old, on Christmas Day at Papaw's house. Last year Brad Paisley was crowned "Entertainer of the Year" at the Country Music Association Awards.

With a whole lot of practice and learning in between two life-changing events. You most definitely hear Brad's voice in the writing. Each chapter opens with a lyric from one of Brad's songs, and throughout the pages are 'Solos', when a fellow artist shares an opinion or memory of Brad and his talent.

The book contains some language, which I found disappointing. Just a sprinkle, but enough to make me sad. It contains some great stories about some great artists of days gone by, such as Porter Waggoner and Buck Owens.

Another sadness? Not much about Brad's faith, which I suppose wasn't the point of the book, but I'd like to think that faith permeates any aspect of our lives as believers, so I would have enjoyed hearing more about Brad's faith in God.


Overall, if you are a Brad Paisley fan, or a fan of country music, or a fan of really good guitar licks (or 'chicken pickin' as Brad often calls it), you'll most likely enjoy the book. I enjoyed it...just not as much as I'd hoped I would enjoy the book.

Again, my thanks to my friends at Howard Publishing for my copy. "Diary of a Player" is available now in bookstores everywhere, and comes mildly recommended...just not highly so.

Happy Reading!



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