Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pressing Into Thin Places by Margaret Harrell Wills, EdD

I've loved the concept of 'thin places' since I read about them in Mary DeMuth's memoir. The idea that we can have moments in our lives where Heaven and our earth are so close that the veil thins, giving us a glimpse into eternity just thrills my soul.

So I was excited about Margaret Harrell Wills' book, 'Pressing Into Thin Places". She took the idea and developed it into a practice...a life long habit of looking for or being aware of those 'thin places', and then diving in for all you can glean from them.

The back cover defines 'thin places' as 'a fleeting moment when Heaven and Earth converge'. Since read Margaret's book, I've had many of these fleeting moments, and let me tell you...they are real, and they will change your life.

I was in a thin place when a beloved son and husband died of brain cancer at the age of 31. Privileged to be at his bedside with his family, I witnessed his response to Scripture, prayer and song, even though he was in a coma. I watched as his family prayed for his release, and witnessed his last breath. I felt Heaven come down and glory filled my soul as praises went up immediately upon that young man's departure.

I was in a thin place when we sang hymns at the bedside of our oldest church family member. Ninety-nine years in age, and all she longed for was one more time of worship with her church we met together to give her that opportunity. Once again, Heaven touched Earth and changed me.

Again, a thin place as on Easter Sunday morning of this year (2011), my dear husband and pastor called this saint's home, allowing her family to put the phone on speaker so she could hear his Easter message...which we were told calmed her and brought peace instead of her pain. And when we later received word that she had slipped into eternity while hearing the Scriptures taught...

....well, talk about a thin place!

I believe, as does Margaret, that we experience these 'thin places' more often than we realize, and I urge you to watch for them and press into them, as does Margaret.

I realize this is less review and more sharing, but this is how Margaret's book opened my eyes to this precious concept. Her book is brief, well-crafted, beautifully designed, and worth the investment. I urge you to pick up a copy for yourself, and one for a friend.

My thanks to Audra at B&B Media Group for my copy. I'm giving "Pressing Into Thin Places" five out of five bookmarks, with some tissues as a charm...when you feel those 'thin places'...tears will flow like water...and heal your soul...and change you forever.

If you'd like, share a 'thin place' you've experienced with me, won't you?

Happy Reading!



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