Monday, July 25, 2011

Delivery by Diana Prusik (e-book)

I was a long-time Kindle holdout. Since childhood I've loved books. Loved used bookstores, libraries, big bookstores and small bookstores...I've just loved books. Something about holding a book in my hands that calms my soul, settles my heart, and just makes me happy.

But, in the digital age, one must adapt. And I'm SO glad I adapted! Tyndale Publishers has released several e-book only books: four fiction and one non-fiction. Last night I finished "Delivery" by Diana Prusik, and she made me glad I own a Kindle!!

The story flashed between 'current day' and the past...I use quotes because the story ages along with the main character, Livi Wilson. Her family is the heart of small-town Mount Helicon, and the proud owners of Wilson's Florist.

But Livi's life isn't all hearts and flowers. Instead, it's filled with tragedy from a young age. And mistakes. And confusion, doubt, anger...and a lack of hope. Livi refuses to believe in a God who doesn't protect His children, but instead subjects them to pain and suffering unimaginable.

When the death of a family friend has Livi delivering flowers to his funeral, all of her pain rushes back in a flood of memories. Rather than turn to God or even to family, Livi turns to a bottle. Drowning her sorrows and suffocating her pain only works temporarily.

Fortunately for Livi, Wilson's Florist is more than a's a family. And fortunately for Livi, a family willing to confront in love and compassion. Question is, will she listen? Or will she choose to continue to drown herself in alcohol and lose herself in the past...

Can Livi accept God's "Delivery" of love once and for all? Clever, huh?? But Diana Prusik created the double meaning for the title, as well as a masterful piece of writing. I loved each and every character, ached with Livi over every loss, and was right their with Mom Robinson, Gretta and the others trying to reach Livi with the love of the Gospel.

Wow, what a book! Good news for all readers...Amazon has an application that allows you to download and read even if you don't have a Kindle...but books like this one make the investment well worth it! I'm grateful to Tyndale for creating e-books of this caliber, and for the opportunity to be an early reader.

I'm giving "Delivery" five out of five bookmarks, with a red carnation as a charm. I'll never fully give up holding and enjoying books, but I am enjoying this new digital age we live in...just a tiny bit!

Happy Reading!



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Diana Prusik said...

Deena, your beautiful review of my novel touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so very much. Blessings and a red carnation to you!