Thursday, January 13, 2011

Don't Waste the Pain by David Lyons and Linda Lyons Richardson

Last night I finished reading what I believe may be the most important book I read all year...maybe from this point forward. Written by brother and sister team David Lyons and Linda Lyons Richardson, this book puts pain in its proper place, and will change how you view suffering.

"Don't Waste The Pain" shares two separate journeys: David's journey through his 12-year-old son's cancer, and Linda's own 10 year battle against cancer. Each shares from personal journals and online writings, as well as letters and notes from family and friends.

Their stories are painful to read, and you'll wonder how in the world David and his sister Linda could ever survive, much less thrive, through these dark valleys of pain and suffering.

The answer is simply this: Jesus. Through multiple testimonies and massive amounts of Scripture, David and Linda point the way to the Savior, and even thank God for the cancer that brought these powerful lessons into their lives.

At the writing of this book, David had been walking through grief a mere few months, and Linda was diagnosed yet again with another form of cancer. But their faith and assurance in a blessed hope that lives here and now rings out loudly in the pages of their stories.

I was in awe of the power of God shining through David's life as he wrote page after page of his experiences with cancer and struggle, yet continued to glorify and praise God. This is no Pollyanna tale...this is real, hard, gritty living that proves the truth of Scripture in a way that cannot be ignored.

As I read this, a dear family in our church fought against this dreaded disease, and as I finished the book, their son WON his battle with cancer, leaving it behind as he journeyed to his home in Heaven.

I sought answers in the pages of David's and Linda's book...and receive more than I could have asked for. No matter what kind of pain or suffering you are dealing with: health, financial, spiritual, emotional, whatever causes you pain...

...don't waste it. Let God meet you there and teach you glorious things that will inspire you to share with others and to bring Him honor through it all. I will never see a trial the same way again. And nothing I've endured can compare to the journeys David and Linda have taken.

But I feel encouraged, refreshed and renewed after reading their book. My heart aches for them, no doubt about it. No one wants to wrestle with pain, especially the pain of cancer...but we can win.

We have won. And God gets glory when we refuse to waste our pain. My thanks to my friends at NavPress for my copy of this amazing book, and to David and Linda for having the courage to seek God in all things and then to share it with us.

I'm giving "Don't Waste the Pain" the Golden Bookmark for Writing Excellence and Authenticity, as well as voting it "Best Non-Fiction of 2011". Do not miss this book...and do not waste your pain.

Happy Reading!



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