Sunday, December 5, 2010

Faithful by Kim Cash Tate

Tell me a novel has been endorsed as "Women of Faith Fiction", and I'm definitely going to read it! I've read nearly every selection, and haven't found a stinker in the bunch...and that trend of top-quality fiction continues with Kim Cash Tate's book.

Cydney Sanders has simple desires for her life: a loving husband, children, and a warm and inviting home. She had no idea she'd find herself alone and on the career track on the eve of her fortieth birthday.

To add insult to injury, her much younger sister is getting married on that special day...and she's the maid of honor! Is this what remaining "Faithful" to her vow of purity and her high standards gets her??

Best friend Dana seems to have all that Cyd wants in life. At least, that's how it appears to be. When cracks begin to appear in Dana's seemingly perfect life who can she turn to? Is it possible to have a "Faithful" marriage in today's moral climate??

Phyllis has prayed and prayed for her man to find Jesus...and for Jesus to have her man. With all she has in her marriage, a unity in Christ seems a gaping hole that will never be filled. Running into an old friend who's filled with love for Jesus is a huge temptation for Phyllis...can she remember to remain "Faithful" to her man, even if he hasn't chosen Christ?

Real women with real issues that we can relate to on some level...that's what you'll find in Kim Cash Tate's book. Each story woven together to create a tapestry of sisterhood, faithfulness and friendship that stands against the toughest life has to throw our way...if Jesus is in the mix.

It was easy for me to see why Women of Faith selected "Faithful" as one of their novels. Kim Cash Tate rises to the standard of excellence in fiction, and I'm so glad my friends at Thomas Nelson sent me a copy of this book!

I'm giving "Faithful" five out of five bookmarks, with a bouquet of flowers as a charm. We're all a part of God's glorious bouquet, regardless of our color or our fragrance...and we make a pretty bunch at that!

Happy Reading!



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Katrina L. Burchett said...

I never got around to reading Kim Cash Tate's 'Heavenly Places', but I did buy 'Faithful', and I'm looking forward to reading it :)