Saturday, December 4, 2010

One Lane Bridge by Don Reid

I grew up as a fan of the Statler Brothers, and have always admired how they were able to tell a story in a song. Now Don Reid, a long-time member of this outstanding vocal group, has written his second novel. It's a keeper!

"One Lane Bridge" tells the story of small town man J.D. Wickman. J.D. is truly a man with his hands full! He's dealing with a daughter in college, a mother who's 'gettin' up there', and a lovely wife who just doesn't quite get him anymore.

His favorite means of escape is taking a drive, allowing the time to just meander along and the outdoors to help clear his cluttered mind. On one particular drive his radiator chooses to spring a leak, but J.D. is fortunate. A farmhouse is nearby, just a short walk from where he's stopped.

There he finds a family living in poverty. What J.D. sees is so painful, he makes a vow to return to help this family. Unfortunately, that "One Lane Bridge" that led him there doesn't seem to go anywhere when he attempts to return.

J.D. is about to discover that what we see isn't always what it seems. Has he lost his mind? Did the pressure finally cause him to crack? Or is God trying to communicate something that will change J.D.'s life, and the lives of those who love him?

With a slow, easy rhythm, "One Lane Bridge" makes an afternoon of reading a true pleasure. Don Reid definitely knows how to tell a story and make it interesting! His tales are filled with unique and sometimes quirky characters, and the stories are always laced with humor and loaded with faith and heart.

My thanks to my friends at David C. Cook for my copy of "One Lane Bridge". I'm eager for more stories from Don Reid, and hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. And if you come across a one lane bridge...go ahead and see where it takes you!

I'm giving "One Lane Bridge" five out of five bookmarks with a radiator cap as a charm. This book is now available y'all go on a get you a copy!

Happy Reading!



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Kim said...

Never heard of this one...sounds like a great read! Thanks for sharing!