Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thin Places by Mary DeMuth

I sensed Mary DeMuth's heart when I read her fiction, but I saw her soul as I read her memoir, a recent release from Zondervan (thanks to them for my copy!). In it she makes a reference to Anne Shirley of Green Gables which I respond that I believe I've met a kindred soul in Mary.

Reading her story isn't'll find a lot of pain in these pages. But praise God that you'll also learn to look for those "Thin Places" in your own life. Those places where the veil between the tangible world and the eternal one kiss.

I've been discovering mine all over my life map.

Mary's story gives you permission to be your genuine self. By baring her soul most vulnerably (is that even a word? it is now!), Mary invites you to bring your varied life scenes before God's throne and to see Him in the places you might have missed before now.

She recounts her younger years, as a five year old, and some of the unspeakable things that happened to her. Isn't it time we stopped calling them unspeakable and gave them a voice, so that those who've experienced these things have a voice as well? I'm just saying....

At times her writing is visceral; at times it is lyrical. It is never haughty or pretentious, even when she's questioning whether she's a narcissist or not. On one page you'll be asking, "Is that me?" and on another crying out, "Oh, that is SO me, too!"

Regardless of your life experiences, I challenge you to read "Thin Places" and not find a sister of the heart in these pages. I had similar experiences growing up, and could identify with many of Mary's soul questions and doubts of worth. I also could see glimpses of God in how I am made and in how my life has mapped out.

What a brave heart Mary has, and what healing she has brought to the Body of Christ by her courageous writing. Of course, if I know her, she will reject being called brave or courageous...but she is. And the beauty of it all is she directs all honor, praise and glory Heavenward, where it truly belongs.

I am changed by her "Thin Places" and am seeking out my own now. I encourage you to do likewise....and what beauty you'll find amid the ashes! So, I'm giving "Thin Places" the Golden Bookmark of Writing Excellence, adding a golden heart that's been crushed and then mended.

If you look closely, you can see the seams and fissures of repair...which are the fingerprints of God. Many thanks to Mary for sharing her story so intimately and so honestly.

I only wish we lived close enough to one another to go for coffee and chat!!

Happy Reading!



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1 comment:

Mary DeMuth said...

Beautifully written review. Thank you SO MUCH for writing it! You blessed me.