Friday, February 12, 2010

Shattered, Shaken and Stirred by Gilbert Ahrens

“Adversity can happen to anyone, at anytime. Regardless of its form, condition, or circumstance, adversity is an element of life that eventually touches each and every one of us; either directly ourselves, or indirectly through a friend or loved one. Its effect is unique for everyone,” Gilbert Ahrens, author of Shattered, Shaken and Stirred.

In his book Shattered, Shaken and Stirred: Reconnecting with What Matters Most After Loss and Adversity, author Gilbert Ahrens tells the story of how a devastating car accident upends, disrupts and derails his seemingly ordinary family. In the wake of devastation is where recovery and, ultimately, redemption are found. Shattered, Shaken and Stirred explores and embraces the process of brokenness and healing in a way that is honest, heartfelt, and yet at times reassuringly humorous.

Ahrens offers his own journey not so much as a prescription for adversity, but as a comforting guidepost for how we might cope when confronted with life-altering challenges…when what we thought was safe and secure is suddenly taken away. He reveals how God’s love and grace appear not necessarily when we want them, but certainly when we need them.

This book is a real-life example of the power of reconnecting with what matters most. It offers hope and encouragement to anyone feeling the strain of life’s struggles.

Now, Ahrens has written a small companion guide for his book, Reconnect: A Practical Guide to Overcoming Adversity. Reconnect picks up where Shattered, Shaken and Stirred left off as more of a “how-to” for reconnecting after loss and adversity. “It is very short and, hopefully, equally efficient and practical for those who don't have time to wade through a long book,” Ahrens explains.

Ahrens is offering Reconnect as a free download on his website. Check out for more information.

Shattered, Shaken, and Stirred by Gilbert Ahrens

Positano Press/October 2009

ISBN: 978-0984289516/224 pages/softcover/$14.95 ISBN: 978-0984289509/224 pages/hardcover/$24.95

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