Sunday, February 14, 2010

Swinging On a Star by Janice Thompson

Hilarity and mayhem get off to a roaring start in the second book about weddings and such. Bella Rossi is a heroine to adore, and Janice Thompson has written another winner in the second "Weddings By Bella" novel.

Club Wed is finally in the black, and with Bella at the helm, things have never creative! Next up is a Renaissance themed nuptial, and the Italian beauty is in her element...

...until Aunt Rosa gets her big break, appearing on the Food Network during the same week as the big wedding...until Bella finds out the best man is a well-known Hollywood star, and he needs to be kept under wraps until the ceremony...

...until the mad-cap Rossi clan begin their traditional loving squabbles for all to see. Bella discovers that love spells Jesus, and her loving family--though obviously not normal--represents the Savior quite well.

You will not BELIEVE the antics that ensue in this one! I was laughing on one page and nearly crying on the next. Janice writes with humor and heart, and I adore her! Bella is a favorite character, and I can hardly wait for the next installment.

DJ Neeley is the kind of guy you definitely want to meet one day (unless you've already found your prince:-). The way he loves Bella is so precious...despite the appearance of Hollywood hear throb Brock Benson...and the fact that he's staying at Bella's home until the wedding.

Could this create problems for the happy couple? Especially if Bella appears a bit star-struck herself? After all, it's only been three months...could new love become old love that quickly?

Have I teased you enough???

Trust me...if it were possible, I'd renew my vows at Club Wed! And to be a Rossi would be SUCH FUN! From the Splendora Trio to Bella's star-struck little sister to the paparazzi in the bushes, everything clicks in Janice's story.

I'm almost jealous of those of you who've yet to read this's so good I think I just may have to read it again! After my daughter gets her hooked with "Fools Rush In", the first novel in this delightful series!

My thanks to Donna Hausler at Revell for my copy...most fun I've had reading this year! I'm giving "Swinging On a Star" five out of five bookmarks, with a turkey drumstick as a charm.

Trust me on this NOT miss this series! "Swinging On a Star" and Fools Rush In", both "Weddings by Bella" novels are available from Revell NOW!

Happy Reading!



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Janice Thompson said...

Deena, what a precious review! I am SO glad that you liked the book. Oh, honey! If you liked this one, I know you'll like the final one in the series. You're not going to believe what happens when the relatives come from Italy for Laz and Rosa's big day!

Thanks again for the sweet and encouraging words. You've made my day! And thanks for helping spread the word about the "Weddings by Bella" series. :)

Kim said...

Oh Deena! This one was a HOOT! LOVED IT!! My review goes up tomorrow! What a FUN read!!