Saturday, November 7, 2009

Daily Spiritual Refreshment Bible For Women by Barbour

Here's another goody from my friends at Barbour (Hi, Angie!)! Beautifully packaged and in the New Life Version, this daily reading Bible is perfect for any woman.

The "Daily Spiritual Refreshment Bible For Women" is the entire Bible, broken down into 365 daily readings. The translation isn't one I've heard of, but it is very easy to read and understand. This would be perfect for a new believer or for someone who struggles with reading.

Each day includes something from the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Wisdom Literature (either Psalms or Proverbs). What sets this edition apart are the notes you'll find sprinkled throughout the text.

The note on Exodus 15:13 talks about how following Jesus always puts you in the right direction. Psalm 81:11-16 empathizes with one of those days (ever have one yourself? I know I have!).

The book is also value priced, making it affordable to own and give as a gift to multiple women. I love my copy, and can think of lots of ways to give it as a gift. I'm giving this Bible four out of five bookmarks, with a Scripture bookmark as a charm.

Happy Reading!



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Shawntele said...

How neat to have a bible you can read cover to cover while still mixing up your readings! :)

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Now why have I not heard of this before?!?