Saturday, November 7, 2009

On Tour With "Thirsty" by Tracey Bateman (a re-post)

I'm going to take a risk and tell you the honest truth...I wish we had more books like this one in the Christian marketplace. Even more truthfully, I wish we had more books like this one in the general market even more. My thanks to Waterbrook/Multnomah for stepping up with this title, and for my review copy!

"Thirsty" chronicles Nina Parker's fall from a good life into a life of alcoholism. Ultimately, Nina loses everything: her career, her business, her husband, her children, and her own self-respect.

Forced into a court ordered 90 day rehab after a shocking incident, Nina chooses to return home where it all began, hoping distance will bring healing. Her oldest child, Meg, goes with her...carrying enough resentment to burn her mother to cinders.

What awaits them both is unnerving, intoxicating, and as insidious as the taste of alcohol...but far more evil and deadly. Tracey Bateman has crafted a multi-layered work of fiction that will have mass appeal... well as raise some eyebrows within the Christian community. I say bravo, and desire to see more fine writing from Tracey. The sooner, the better. For me, this is her finest work yet. Rich, risky, and irresistible.

Read "Thirsty" and you'll think twice about childhood abuse and neglect...teasing and taunting...liberty and license...fantasy and how it often parallels the human condition more than we'd care to admit.

I'm giving "Thirsty" five out of five bookmarks, with a wine goblet as a charm....fill yours with the Living Water, and you'll never run dry!
Happy Reading!



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Kim said...

MOST EXCELLENT review Deena!