Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Take Your Best Shot by Austin Gutwein

In an age where headlines scream bad press about today's youth and celebrity seems to be the goal...a book like this one (thanks to Thomas Nelson for my copy) brings hope back to my heart and inspires me to do more with my life.

Austin Gutwein was moved by a four minute video of a young girl named Maggie. Living in Zambia with her grandmother, she was the only survivor of her immediate family.

All had died from AIDS. Those images stayed with Austin day and night. Finally, his father placed a call to a representative from World Vision, telling them about his son. That led to a phone call to Austin from a gentleman named Dana Buck...

...which ultimately led to a ministry called "Hoops for Hope". And now, to this book. In the same vein as "Do Hard Things", "Take Your Best Shot" inspires today's youth, no matter their age, to get out there and do something.

Find that something you were designed to do before the foundations of the earth were laid, and then do it. Austin did just that, and as a result, a ton of money has been raised to help AIDS victims.

This is Austin's book, written in his own words (you can tell by the writing and the humor--this is one cool kid!). Study questions are included in the book to help you map out your own journey, and to encourage you to think beyond this year's new gaming system to those who are hurting and dying without Jesus on the other side of the world...

...or your town.

I'm giving "Take Your Best Shot" the Golden Bookmark for Inspirational Writing and voting it "Best Youth Non-fiction of 2009". Bravo to men and women like Austin who are truly taking their best shot and being modern day David's and Esther's.

P.S. Pray for my two youngest: Katy, age 19, wants to run a shelter and counseling center for troubled teens and my youngest son, Jesse, age 15, has started a Bible study at his school and is going into the ministry after high school (if he even waits that long!).

Happy Reading!



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