Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Project: Girl Power by Melody Carlson

I received this series from the wonderful people at Zondervan, and with our school's book fair just ending, I'm sharing some wonderful books that have a great message of faith that fit in with a busy school/homework schedule. Naturally, that includes one of my favorite multi-genre authors, Melody Carlson!

"Project: Girl Power" is the first in a series of books by Melody, geared for tween/teen girls. This novel brings together the unlikeliest of friends: Morgan, Amy, Carlie and Emily.

Bullies attempt to keep the girls from walking a certain route to school and around the neighborhood, bringing the girls together at first just for self-preservation. But Morgan, the leader of the group, has been praying from some friends, and it appears God answered her request in triplicate.

Emily and her family are new to 622 Harbor View Mobile Home Village--a trailer park in Oregon. She has her own secrets to hide, but finds a safe place to confide in Morgan.

Amy's family is in a culture clash--Vietnamese vs. American. Sometimes feeling caught in the middle, she's glad to find others her own age to spend time with. But her well earned nickname as "Ngo it All" is too well deserved. Can she stop being right long enough to belong to a group of friends?

Carlie's Hispanic roots give her more of a family...but she longs for people outside her blood to love and accept her as well. Being called 'trailer trash' hurts, and her friends love and support help heal the wounds caused by the neighborhood bullies.

It's Carlie's little backyard oasis that give the girls of 622 Harbor View their first team project: beautifying their home park. But vandals threaten all of their hard work.

Can the four new friends hang in together, despite differing backgrounds and secrets in their lives? I love novels about friendship, and these books are not only clean, but filled with the message of God and His love.

I'm giving "Project: Girl Power" four out of five bookmarks, with a potted geranium as a charm. Be watching for more of this series, courtesy of Zondervan, coming your way soon.

By the way, this is perfect for a reading tween/teen as a Christmas gift (hint! hint!).

Happy Reading!



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