Friday, July 10, 2009

Before the Dawn by Carolyne Aarsen

I've been remiss in my reviewer duties--for that, I humbly apologize. See, I'm a series geek--have to have them all, and have to read them in order. But, when a book tour begins, sometimes I have no choice but to jump in mid-storyline.

So, I'm back-tracking my way through the Home to Heather Creek series published by Guideposts and written by a variety of authors--some of my very favorites, in fact!
Since I'm going on a mini-vacation (husband's performing a wedding), I'm taking the series on the road with me!

But, last night I finished "Before the Dawn", the first book in this twelve novel series. Carolyne was the perfect choice to open up the story, as she writes characters rich with depth and emotion.

Charlotte Stevenson and her husband Bob have just taken custody of their three grandchildren: Sam, Emily and Christopher. All three were abandoned by their father and now have lost their mom in a tragic auto accident.

Problem is, Denise was estranged from her parents, having run away at 18, four months pregnant. While Charlotte and Bob have tried to keep in touch, their lives bear no resemblance to the lives the children are used to.

Who are these three strangers Charlotte desperately loves but doesn't know how to care for? Was she too hard on their mother, and will she be too hard on them and lose them as well?

Sam is belligerent and distant, Emily is lonely for her friends and cold, and poor little Christopher has a huge heart and wants to be loved, but follows the example of his siblings. When Emily discovers her mother's horse in labor and about to die, can the family pull together finally for this event?

I'm enjoying my time going "Home to Heather Creek", and I think you will as well. I'm giving "Before the Dawn" four out of five bookmarks, with a cell phone as a charm. Maybe with this one, Emily will get better reception!

And as a mom of a wayward daughter, I relate to Charlotte's issues and self-doubt. Believe me, these characters come to life and will live in your heart for awhile. Except for maybe Grandpa Bob--don't like him much right now!

Happy Reading!


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Carly Kendall said...

Oh, I can't wait to read this book! I started subscribing to this series with Guideposts and got this book recently. It sounds like a great series. Enjoy!