Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Velvet Steel by John Piper

One reason I review books is my passion for reading and sharing good reading with friends like you. But I have another reason--I'm passionate about the people behind the books we love.

It's too easy to read a book and forget there is a person behind those words. Nothing illustrates this better that John Piper's book "Velvet Steel". Designed to be a companion book to "This Momentary Marriage", this little book is a collection of poetry written by John to his wife Noel.

Included are snippets of poems about their life together as husband and wife, but also in the book are reflections on some of the great and true love stories in Scripture, such as Ruth and Boaz and Hosea and Gomer.

You see a side of John Piper that is highly personal and rich with passion. Passion not just for his beloved wife and their life together, but also a passion for representing Christ through their marriage.

It reminded me of a time early in my own courtship and marriage when my husband wrote songs and poetry for me. You truly get a glimpse into a man's heart when he puts words on paper about his beloved wife.

John Piper's heart has been made gorgeous by his passion for Christ and his depth of love for his wife. This is a must read for couples who long for their marriages to be reflections of Christ.

I'm giving "Velvet Steel" the Golden Bookmark for writing excellence and genuine heart, with a golden heart as a charm. This is by far the most unique book I've read by John Piper, and I'm so glad I read it.

I also have "This Momentary Marriage" on my watching for my review coming soon--most likely in time for my own 24th wedding anniversary this month:-)

Happy Reading!


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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful review and memory. Sounds like a very nice book. My husband used to write me little notes, oh the memories!!